Ackee New Year – A Short Reflection

Happy New Year lovelies!

I’m not one for resolutions since I generally set goals and revise them as needed. That said, I love reflecting at the end of the year. The exercise of looking back at how far I’ve come or how things have changed is very enlightening for me.

This blog is a few months away from turning one and I’m so pleased with the growth thus far. The new relationships I’ve formed and feedback I’ve received from readers like you while sharing this passion has been encouraging and I look forward to all that is still to come.

In the last couple weeks of December I got theΒ inspiration to create an “Ackee New Years Cake”.

The words simple and bold kept coming to mind as I thought of what it should look like. And while I was putting it together, the idea of things being perfect in their imperfections floated around in my mind and I restrained myself from trying to smooth things “perfectly” and having every single edge sharp. At the end of it I was extremely pleased with the result; a combination of simplicity, a rustic edge, colourful pops and a modern feel.

The Ackee New Years Cake was complete and my focus/intention for the new year set.

It goes like this:

  1. Keep things simple (unnecessary complication will only lead to frustration and is a waste of energy)
  2. Be bold (that is, be confident, go forth and conquer if you will. Challenge your own status quo. Leap!)
  3. Cherish perceived imperfections/flaws since therein lies truth, creativity and growth.

Happy new year to you and yours, may doors beyond your wildest imagination open for you and may you live your dreams 😊

happy new year from amazing ackee

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